Saturday, April 30, 2011


Freeze Dried Tropical Fruit Package--A Screamin' Deal!

Here is a special on Thrive you can only get through me. The Tropical Fruit Package comes with the following fruits in #10 (or gallon. size) cans:

Banana Slices freeze dried
Mangoes freeze dried
Pineapple Chunks freeze dried
Mandarine Oranges freeze dried
Apricots freeze dried
Pears freeze dried

This package retails at $240. If you were to purchase each can separately through me you'd pay $155.74 plus tax and shipping. This package right now is only $118.70. I can't imagine it staying at this price for long. It's a great gift for Mother's Day. The best part is, all the fruit is freeze dried, so its a healthy snack with no additives. Plus it stores for over 25 years in the sealed can. Once you open a can of the freeze dried fruit you have one year to eat it.

Contact me to get this screamin' deal on Thrive freeze dried fruit, the finest on the market!

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