Monday, May 23, 2011

Liege Waffles


  I was watching a food show one night and became engrossed when they began talking about Belgium waffles, true Belgium waffles. These particular waffles are more of a yeast dough that rises like bread and is filled with chunks of Belgium Pearl Sugar that caramelizes when cooked. YUM! I set out on a quest to find a recipe for such a delicious-sounding breakfast luck! I couldn't seem to find a recipe anywhere (it could be that at the time I did not know it by it's true name-Liege Waffles). So I gave up my fruitless search for the time being.
  Last week I happened on to a blog in my search for Whoopie Pie recipes-remember the fantastic Chocolate Whoopie Pies with Salted Caramel Buttercream? This blogger had a recipe for none other than Liege Waffles! Upon further investigation of the recipe I realized this was the one I'd been searching for. So I got on Amazon that day and ordered some Belgium Pearl Sugar (What you think I'd wait another second after finding my long-lost recipe?) So this morning I got to work and 2 horribly long hours later I had this:
Well, actually four times this but my children and I ate them as they came out of the waffle iron.
  Fabulous! Now, I'm going to need to do some tweaking on the recipe in order to make it work for my climate. I think the dough needs more flour because they came out more dense than I think they should have, but I wanted to follow the recipe precisely the first time around (by precisely I mean minus the 2nd 200g of flour it calls for, because if you follow the instructions in the recipe I think there's a typo in the ingredient list).
  So, you better believe we will be having Liege Waffles again this week with my own little alterations to account for the fine, rainy weather we've been experiencing in Utah for the last month!

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