Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Japanese Curry


  So, I'm off schedule again. I've decided the weekly menu plan is more of a suggestion of meals for a given week for me. I'll continue to post the menu with each of the 5 weekdays assigned and then I'll just prepare them when I feel like. How do you like that! I have found that I am much more ambitious about cooking dinner when I cook according to my tastes and energy each day. Trying to tackle a meal requiring 2 hours of prep just is not practical some days, adjust. For today's adjustment I have been very nicely rewarded with the wonderful smell of Japanese Curry filling my home. I hope your dinner tonight is equally delicious!

This will be served atop long-grain white rice.
 By the way, I used my THRIVE Mixed Peppers and Freeze Dried Celery to make prepping much less work. I would have used all THRIVE veggies, but I had some fresh ingredients that needed to be used and was out of some of the THRIVE veggies (they're on order). Had I used all THRIVE veggies my prep time would have been 5 minutes and 35 minutes of cooking time. How's that for a gourmet meal on the fly!

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