Monday, May 16, 2011

Dinner Tonight


  If you thought I wasn't going to be trying out your recipes, you were wrong! Tonight I prepared the following recipe that was submitted by a friend:

"One of our quick go-to meals lately is pinapple turkey burger silders. I typically use Kings Hawiaan rolls but Walmart makes awesome pinapple rolls also. Grill the turkey burgers with garlic salt along with fresh pinapple. Mix 1/2 cup mayo with 1/4 cup teryaki sauce. Slice the rolls in half, put pleanty of the mayo sauce on top and bottom put the burger on with a slice of sharp swiss cheese and pinapple and tadaa! They are so yummy, my husband cant get enough of them. I serve them with home made fries dipped in the teryaki sauce. I also think it would be great with grilled green peppers and mushrooms."

  I decided to make my own Hawaiian Rolls because I knew I wouldn't make it to the store. They turned out wonderful. I also made my own Teriyaki Sauce from equal parts homemade peach jam and soy sauce. I didn't have any cheese but topped the burgers with the Teriyaki/Mayo dressing, shredded lettuce and shredded carrots. I'm happy to say these are now a new family favorite, and if you were to use low-fat mayo and nix the homemade shoestring french fries they would be very healthy!

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  1. I'm so happy you tried them! I love to see your spin on things! They look amazing!