Monday, June 27, 2011

I Love Summer Time!


  One of my favorite things about Summer is making homemade ice cream with all the fresh fruit that's in season. I have to admit, this batch was made with blackberries from last year that I have been saving in my freezer for the right occasion...this was just such an occasion. I will say that this recipe is more of a very decadent frozen custard than an ice cream, and probably my new favorite recipe. Here's why: 
-The nature by which the "ice cream" is made (ie. cooking the yolks).
-It makes a fantastic soft-serve straight from the ice cream maker.
-It stays creamy and easy to serve even after a week in the freezer (many recipes get somewhat icy after freezing over-night and are nearly impossible to dish up straight from the freezer).
-The taste explodes in your mouth! 
  One note for the next time I make this; I will decrease the egg yolks by one yolk (it has a slight protein taste to it from the amount of egg yolks in the recipe). Also, note the amount of blackberries the recipe calls for, this is the equivalent of 4-6 cups (depending on your tastes-my taste is very berry, so I used a lot) of berries.
  I will now be making this frozen custard in every flavor under the sun!!

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